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About Us

Started since 2018 in Surabaya, PT. Solusi Duka Indonesia (Solusi Duka) is committed to be the leading technology company with a vision to make people's lives better, especially for people who are grieving.

After successfully obtaining Patent Rights and World Record from MURI No.9321, Solusi Duka continues to develop as we earn trust from people and communities.

Starting from an online marketplace platform service, currently Solusi Duka offers Ruang Duka Digital (Digital Funeral Room), an integrated website for family, friends and relatives to pay final tribute to the deceased virtually without being hindered by limited access, distance and time.

Us and Our Vision and Mission

Build impactful business through technology.

Connecting people to honor their loved ones.

Why We are Here

PT. Solusi Duka Indonesia is a technology start-up company that desires to give you a moment of ease in your grieving process through our services which are all integrated in:

Ruang Duka Digital (Digital Funeral Room), an interactive website that helps grieving families and friends to be virtually present throughout all funeral rites with the following features: Livestreaming, Online Condolence Money, Condolence Flower (Real/Digital), Real-time Condolence Messages.

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